Optimal Maternal Positioning (OMP) Course for Parents (Sydney)

omp optimal maternal positioning course sydney
OMP Courses Sydney.

Our revolutionary Optimal Maternal Positioning (OMP) course is changing the way parents approach the incredibly powerful experience of birth!

OMP is like no other birth education class out there!

Hands-on, practical knowledge that helps parents take back control of their birth experience.

Labour progress is all about the way your bub moves into, through and out of your pelvis, that is what facilitates dilation!

Our obsession with only looking at dilation is one of the biggest issues with most birth education and maternity care during labour.

  • Our OMP course facilitator, Danae Cappelletto, is a parent and birth professionals educator.
  • OMP courses are held on a nominated Saturday each month @F45 studio, Northbridge, 11am – 5.30pm. Check course dates here »
  • Courses are recommended from 20 weeks of pregnancy onwards
  • Course fee is $350. Includes free access to online, follow up course plus a hard copy workbook.


OMP course topics covered

  • Learn how your baby moves into, through and out of your pelvis, and why this… NOT dilation… is what facilities labour progress
  • Learn about the physiology and anatomy of pelvic alignment
  • Learn how to create space in your pelvis for a faster, easier birth
  • Learn what Optimal Fetal Positioning really means / where is your baby in your pelvis
  • Learn how to work with and resolve Posterior (spine on spine) labours and turn a breech baby
  • Learn how to understand your contraction patterns / there are many different types of contractions that have different purposes
  • Learn how to resolve a presentation in labour that is preventing progress or stalling your labour
  • Learn how to avoid Epidurals OR work with Epidurals to still facilitate active birth positions while confined to the bed
  • Learn active birth positions that statistically reduce tearing and give women more power in birth
  • Learn counter pressure, massage and rebozo techniques that help provide comfort and relief in labour while also helping your baby move down
  • Learn about daily maternal habits that are contraindicative to good fetal positioning
  • You and your partner can have the confidence to approach your birth with hands on skills, that really change the way you can own your birth experience
  • Gain FREE access to OMP for parents follow up online course

This Optimal Maternal Positioning course is the future of birth education for women and birth professionals and is changing birth outcomes in an incredible way!

OMP course bookings and questions

Danae Cappelletto
0478 756 746