Birth affirmation cards – a powerful tool for labour

birth affirmation cards for labour
Pregnancy and birth tips from Sydney doula, Danae Cappelletto.

Best Birth Co. birth affirmation cards as a powerful tool for your birth preparation and labour support and, for this reason, I give a set to every client.

I believe birth affirmation cards are a powerful step forward in the process of working with your mind. A positive mindset is crucial to birth preparation, no matter what kind of birth you are preparing for or the environment you choose to birth in.

“When you change the way you view the birth, the birth will change” – Marie F. Mongan (creator of Mongan method of Hypnobirthing).

Best Birth Co. affirmation cards set the tone for my journey with the woman/couple.

We are setting an intention on how to positively view her birth process, trust her body, trust her breath, surrender to power and transformation, be open to changes in her path, visualise her baby moving down, and be inspired by her own strength. Yes, this all comes from Affirmation Cards!

How do I use birth affirmation cards during pregnancy?

When working with a client during their pregnancy and journey, I put birth affirmation cards all over the home – on your fridge, next to your bed, in the bathroom, in your living space – anywhere that you will constantly see them and always be reminded of the positive messaging system we are engraining in the mind.

How do birth affirmation cards work? Is this like hypnobirthing?

In essence, very subtly, affirmations are constantly training your mind.

Affirmations are a powerful tool in overcoming self-sabotaging negative thoughts which contribute to self-doubt. What you think you soon believe. When you repeat positive affirmations often and believe in them, you can make incredibly positive changes.

Try looking at positive affirmations this way: many of us do repetitive exercises to improve our physical health, and affirmations are like exercises for our mind and outlook. These positive mental repetitions can reprogram our thinking patterns so that, over time, we begin to think and act differently …again….. “when you change the way you view the birth, the birth will change”.  This is one of the fundamentals of Hypnobirthing.

Putting birth affirmation cards into practice.

The every day effect.

Seeing the cards around the home every day is just the beginning. Making an effort to work with them is where they become more powerful.

  • Looking at yourself in the mirror and repeating a chosen affirmation 12 times is a great way to work with your cards
  • Repeating an affirmation 12 times while relaxing in the shower or the bath, is also a great way to work with your cards. This creates familiarity – you will likely find yourself in a shower or bath in your labour and find comfort/power / motivation in repeating or hearing your affirmations.
  • Use them in your yoga practice, repeat to yourself as you breathe and move to anchor your mind. Repeat them in your mind as you do big hip circles.
  • I teach my clients to combine repeating affirmations with a pelvic floor release exercise to help prepare for working with contractions/surges.
  • Remember doing something mindfully and repetitively 12 times, builds new neuro pathways in the brain. There is a neurological science behind why this tool is so powerful!

Using the cards in birth.

  • Hang or place the cards around your labouring or home birth space to remind you of your preparation and intention.
  • Take the cards to the hospital and have your support person stick them up with blue tack all over the room to help soften the environment and remind you of your power.
  • Repeat the Affirmations in between contractions, and during contractions to help anchor your mind and set a tone for your thoughts.
  • Repeat the affirmations during a Caesarean birth to help you stay calm and present for your experience.
  • Play a Birth Affirmation/hypnobirthing soundtrack – the app insight timer has heaps of them and they are terrific!

Why I believe Best Birth Co. affirmation cards are the best.

Best Birth Co. is a gorgeous local company created by my beautiful friend Sara and inspired by her own homebirth. Sara is an incredibly wise, passionate and tireless women’s health and birth activist.

Best Birth Co. is at the forefront of the positive birth movement. Sara believes with all of her being that women deserve more from their birth experience. More power, more education, more tools, more love and support. There is depth, passion and purpose behind her Affirmation Cards, Sara is with every woman who births with her cards. That’s why I LOVE them.

The cards are a good size, beautiful quality and come in a box to keep for your next birth ;-), or to hand on to a friend.

A few blank cards are included to write in your own affirmations, for example:

“I breathe deeply and I am calm.”

“The way to my baby is through my breath.” 

All of my Doula clients receive a set of these cards as a gift from me. If you are looking for a set of cards for yourself or as a gift, visit the Best Birth Co. affirmation cards website »  Use my discount code Danae99.


If you have any questions about your pregnancy journey, birth preparation and labour, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.