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Beautiful Danae,

From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much for being part of our journey of bringing Leo into this world. We truly could not have done it without you. Your strength, calm and guidance were always present when we needed it most and you helped us navigate a new world in the most seamless way possible.

Thank you for listening to what we hoped to achieve from this birth and helped us advocate for ourselves in every regard. We will always look back fondly at the experience, both of us feeling more empowered than ever and grateful we were able to bring Leo into the world the way nature intended for it to happen. Thank you.

Anja & Peter

testimonial birth doula sydney

Danae is an incredibly skilled and experienced birth doula, birth educator and pregnancy yoga teacher – I would say one of the best, if not even THE best birth doula in Sydney. Danae has a special training in the spinning babies’ technique which I believe made a huge difference in preparing myself, my partner and my body optimally for birth. The weekly pregnancy yoga classes were a treat and include a short birth education session which has been super helpful in keeping knowledge fresh and be able to ask questions. Danae has also been of invaluable emotional support as we navigated challenges within the hospital system. She is extremely solution-focussed and has a rich, evidence-based knowledge around pregnancy and birth. Danae was my person of continued care and trust and has connected me with a fantastic network of acupuncturists, chiropractors and other health professionals when needed. I had my baby a week ago and know that it was because of the preparation and support that Danae provided to me and my husband prior and during the birth that I was able to have the birth of my dreams – physiological, without pain relief, feeling safe and supported throughout the wildest 12 hours of my life. I aimed for the stars by wishing for a positive birth experience and thanks to the beautiful Danae, I landed exactly there. I cannot express my gratitude towards her enough.


testimonial birth doula sydney

I couldn’t have been happier with having Danae as our doula for our second baby, would most definitely recommend! Her commitment and knowledge was impressive and her skills and expertise in baby positioning became incredibly helpful when my labour wasn’t progressing and Danae suggested I try a couple of different positions and then my baby came 2 hours later! Danae helped me have the birth I wanted which was without any drugs, no intervention and to deliver in the water. She was so respectful and also great at including my partner during the whole process. My midwife at Royal North Shore was hugely complementary of Danae as well.

Also it was such a huge help knowing that she was available during my pregnancy to ask questions and made me feel comfortable asking anything at all at any time.

Lastly Danae’s prenatal yoga classes were great and full of practical tips to help prepare me for my labour.

I am so grateful and fortunate that we found Danae and felt so well looked after knowing that I had her by my side during my labour (and during my pregnancy). And so grateful for the photos and videos she took during the labour, which are just priceless. Can’t recommend enough! My words can’t do justice to my appreciation!

testimonial birth doula sydney

Danae is the most incredible doula without the help of her i never would have achieved my beautiful/ healing unmediated VBAC birth in November with my little boy. She successfully worked with me to spin my posterior baby during my labour & after many hours of trying he turned, she never gave up even when we thought it wasn’t going to happen she kept going and kept me motivated. She knows exactly the right thing to do be doing at each stage of labour to get you through the pain. She is a beautiful, caring person with the most wonderful energy who is truly passionate about birth and supporting women when they need it most. I look back on my birth in such a positive manner because of Danae’s guidance. She’s amazing.

testimonial birth doula sydney

As soon as I met Danae I knew she was the person who would support me throughout my pregnancy and during the birth of my baby. Danae came highly recommended by a senior contact at the Australian Doula College. I had originally contacted the college as my pregnancy and impending birth were emotionally charged after the tragic loss of our four year old daughter.

I was seeking someone who could support me emotionally, spiritually and physically during the months ahead. Danae met and exceeded my expectations in all areas that we needed her.

My husband and I are blown away by the level of care and support offered by Danae in the months leading up to the arrival of our son. We genuinely felt that we were Danae’s only priority, despite knowing she had other expecting mothers to take care of during that time.

Danae’s prenatal yoga sessions were informative and practical. I looked forward to the 10 minute birth education at the start of each session and found the information presented from Danae’s extensive experience to be incredibly helpful. The yoga itself was intimate and always practical. Zoom delivery meant I could practice from the comfort of my home which was particularly convenient in the late stages of pregnancy.

Danae was our trusted advisor. She went above and beyond by providing us with evidence based research when we needed to make difficult medical decisions.

Not only did Danae support me from a physical and educational perspective, she also supported my husband and I emotionally and spiritually. As the birth of our son drew closer and our emotions started to rise, Danae was on hand with guided meditation, essential oils and acupressure massage. We can’t thank her enough for the work she did to acknowledge and relieve the layers of complex emotional strains.

Danae operates in a wonderful network of women who are equally as supportive. She connected me with wonderful support services such as acupuncturist, women’s health physiotherapist and lactation consultants who I cannot recommend more highly. I am so thankful for the support of these services in the late stages of pregnancy and post natally.

I can genuinely say that having Danae involved with my pregnancy and birth was the best decision I could have made at such an important time in our lives. I would happily recommend Danae to any mother wanting additional support. If you want to experience a beautiful birth, Danae will make it happen.


testimonial birth doula sydney

I recently gave birth to my first child and could not have asked for a better person to support myself and husband bring our little boy into the world. Danae’s knowledge and experience put my mind at ease, in such unprecedented times. The sessions we did prior to labour really made me confident around understanding all of my choices and the different stages of labour.
Danae helped me to feel safe throughout the entire process and kept me focused on the bigger picture that all this pain would be all worth it in the end and the ‘why’ behind why we experience pain and the importance of it.
She did this by teaching my husband on what to do during labour and knew to step in to work as a team and when to leave us as a couple to connect.
I could not have asked for a better experience as I was happy with all the choices I made. I cannot recommend her enough!


testimonial birth doula sydney

I found Danae when I was 16 weeks pregnant with my twins & rather confused about the journey ahead. I had a desire & clear vision of how I wanted to experience my birth & support my babies earthside. It also had become obvious to me that this wouldn’t be possible with the care team I had around me – until I met Danae.
The moment we met, I felt understood, heard & fully supported. Danae’s passion, excitement & genuine care gave me a sense of comfort & confidence that all was going to be ok. She helped me navigate the medical system & because of her help I had my dream care team set up in no time. Danae empowered me to ask the right questions & educated me about relevant topics to make informed & for me personally right choices.
Finding ourselves in the midst of a pandemic & with our families being overseas, she became my go-to person & sidekick, answering messages & phone calls any time of the day (and night!) & even accompanying hospital appointments. The workshops she offered were not only invaluable to me, but also my partner who felt included, empowered & equipped with all the right knowledge & tools to support me during birth. I was looking forward to birth & thanks to the preparation we put in place had nothing to fear.
On the ‘golden day we were waiting for’ (as Danae lovingly described our birth day), she did not leave my side for nearly 24 hours. I don’t know how she did it, but she just wouldn’t leave the room!
Even though our birth took some unexpected twists & turns that I hadn’t hoped for, I felt entirely supported, held & empowered through it all. I understood why certain decisions had to be made & was therefore able to find a state of acceptance & peace.
For that I will be forever grateful & cannot recommend Danae & everything she offers enough.


testimonial birth doula sydney

This was our second child so my partner and I knew exactly what we wanted from a doula. Once we found Danae we both immediately knew she was the right person for us.

She just seemed to be a person who exuded calm, care, knowledge and strength. And we knew she had our back every step of the way.

She was respectful to the hospital’s systems but was also able to offer so many additional, highly effective, techniques that are not typically emphasised by midwives/doctors. Particularly around baby positioning before and during labour. Her baby positioning skills really helped my partner’s labour progress quickly which undoubtedly made a huge difference.

She was clearly very experienced and knowledgeable about all things birth related and she just knew what support my partner needed at what time.
She took amazing photos for us and I also think we might not have got to the hospital in time without her!

I cannot recommend her enough to any pregnant couple. She was absolutely great.

testimonial birth doula sydney
Beautiful Danae!

You were born to do this. We are so grateful that you have been apart of our birthing journey of our first baby.

From the moment we met you we instantly felt your warm/ loving energy and felt more empowered and educated about birth.

You were such a great constant support throughout the birth and being in the public system it was nice to have a consistent relationship with someone who knew our story and what we wanted for our birth.

Any little questions I had in my pregnancy you were so quick to respond which was amazing to have support so readily available – you don’t get that from the hospital. You were also a critical reason of why I went into labour naturally 10 days over my due date and the night before I was booked to be induced. You personally rang around multiple acupuncturist to try get me in and pulled favours with your contacts.

You are so talented at what you do and we truly are so thankful our paths have crossed. Can’t wait for baby number 2 to have you apart of our family again.

Highly recommend – couldn’t imagine doing it without you xx


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Dearest Danae,

What a wild ride we’ve been on! Thank you for being the best pandemic Doula ever!

But in all seriousness, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the moral, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical support you have given me from the day that I met you.

You made me excited and confident for birth! You made me feel so empowered! I never once feared it after meeting you due to your passion and the incredible knowledge you imparted. It was so contagious, and you had me hooked!

I could not have gotten through the stress of COVID, the stress of changing care providers, but most importantly – the marathon labour without you. I truly believe that I would not have had the incredible birth outcomes I had without you. You helped me to stick to my guns and I have absolutely no regrets! You helped to set my baby up for the best start to life possible and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Thank you for everything you taught me. The endless phone calls the texts, the emails. You were on call whenever I needed you or had a question and nothing went unnoticed. And the Yoga classes! I loved them so much and will really miss them! They prepared my body and mind so well for birthing my baby. I so appreciated that in every class you spent extra time talking to us birthing women as a class and educating us about various aspects of birth.

You will always hold a special and sacred place in my heart. You have become dear friend, and my baby girl Adeline, was so lucky to have you as part of her growth and birth.

So much Love! Alex xoxo


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Where to start and how can I thank Danae enough for all the help and support she had given us all along the pregnancy, birth of Leon and post birth.

I have met Danae by chance, as life made our paths cross.
It’s my first pregnancy, I am 18 weeks pregnant and I don’t really know what’s ahead of me!
I have had an instantaneous beautiful connection with Danae as she is such a genuine & caring human! ☺️
At that stage I tried not to think about birthing my baby as all I thought was that it was going to be painful, so I was more “living in the moment, enjoying being pregnant and leave that part for later”

I was very curious about what Danae was doing as a Doula and she explained it all to me and that made me feel very inspired.
I love how she helps women feel empowered through birth ! This is something I do on a daily basis, helping women feeling strong through martial art.

So we connected really well and We decided with hubby to have Danae as our Doula.
The best decision we ever made!

She prepared us during the pregnancy mentally and physically and always answered all our questions.
She has taught us so much about different paths a birth can take, she has such a wide knowledge about it all.

We made a birth plan together and thank god for that as we really did not know all the paths possible.
Being pregnant during a pandemic wasn’t easy but we made it work through zoom pregnancy yoga practice, phone catch ups and also managed to have Danae as a support person at the hospital 🎉

Our Team was so strong and ready 🤛🏽
On the day baby was born we started labour at home and we called Danae when my contractions started to get really intense.
When she got to our home she suddenly turned it into a relaxing empowering place to be with candles, essential oils, meditation music that we have practiced together.
She knew exactly what to do to make me feel good and relaxed through the labour.
She made an amazing team with hubby so I always felt supported and in good hands the whole time.
Arriving at the hospital this dream team worked with the midwives perfectly and we were able to follow our birth plan for a non medical intervention water birth.

Danae was here the whole time and supported me like my coach in my corner during a long fight.

What an experience!
Since that day I just want all women and couples to know that they can have such a memorable and empowering experience of birth if they surround themselves with the right people.

Danae is Incredible and I can’t thank her enough for all she taught us, all the support she’s given us and keeps on giving us.

Our little Baby Boy is so lucky to have such a special Doula ❤️


testimonial birth doula sydney

Danae was recommended very highly by a friend and I’m so glad I decided to engage her as my doula. Danae’s warmth and positivity together with her knowledge and expertise were instrumental in helping me to have an incredible birth experience.

Danae’s pregnancy yoga classes taught me breathing, movement and mindfulness techniques which became invaluable during my labour and enabled me to have the natural physiological birth I’d hoped for. In the delivery room, Danae was a calming and supportive presence and worked brilliantly with the midwives.

The work I did with Danae also set me up with the best possible foundation for a successful breastfeeding experience. This wasn’t something I’d spent much time focusing on when I was pregnant, and it wasn’t until my baby was born and I started breastfeeding that I understood exactly how significant the birth experience and first hours with my baby were for our breastfeeding outcomes.

I can’t thank Danae enough for all her support, wisdom and warmth. I recommend Danae as a doula for anyone seeking support with pregnancy and birth.


testimonial birth doula sydney

When my wife said that she wanted a doula for the birth of our first child I wasn’t really sure. I’m one of those guys that had to Google what a doula was. And truthfully, I was a little skeptical.

After meeting Danae, we were both completely at ease with how she would be able to guide us through bringing our little girl earth side. Going through something as big as birth for the first time can be daunting. The hospital and midwives have their process, which works, but may not be what you actually want, but you want the best for your baby too. Danae is that guiding light through a pretty uncertain time for first time parents. I would liken her to a Sherpa that you would use to climb Everest for the first time. You really don’t know what you’re doing and you just need a little hand.

Danae was completely respectful throughout labour and I feel that enhanced the special time that I was able to spend with my wife during and after birth.

Leading up to the big day, nothing was a hassle for Danae and she answered anything that we needed to know in a way that was easy to understand and with the knowledge that she’d done this before.

When we have our second, Danae will be there with us again. I have no hesitation about that whatsoever. She is truly a special human that you really need on your side if you’re having a baby.


testimonial birth doula sydney

I believe Danae literally changed the course of the reality of my future and in turn my confidence. If she was not involved my husband and I agree that I wouldn’t have achieved my successful VBAC experience.

I can not recommend Danae more highly.
We only engaged her help quite late in the pregnancy at 36 weeks and instantly we were able to form a connection of trust and open communication that would take us all the way through to the birth.

Danae was a wealth of knowledge providing me with evidence based research that educated me away from fear and into the light of possibility.

I couldn’t have hoped for a better VBAC birth experience and Danae was instrumental in supporting me to achieve this.


testimonial birth doula sydney

After having a doula for the birth of our first child (in the US), my husband and I knew we wanted a doula for the birth of our second. After meeting Danae, we immediately knew we wanted to hire her as our doula. Danae has the exact type of calming and grounding presence you want during labour. She has an innate ability to provide the right kind of physical and mental support needed throughout the various stages of labour, while at the same time serving as an advocate for your birth preferences. Danae is also incredibly well respected by hospital staff and known by many of the midwives (I delivered at RNSH), making the transition from home to hospital incredibly smooth.

I also attended Danae’s prenatal yoga classes during pregnancy which were amazing. Each practice helped prepare me both physically and mentally for labour. I found her guided pregnancy meditations invaluable and even listened to them during early labour.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Danae. She is warm, passionate about supporting women, and is incredibly knowledgeable about pregnancy and labour. It was a true joy to work with her and I consider myself so lucky to have met her.


testimonial birth doula sydney