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Optimal Maternal Positioning (OMP) Birth Education Course

OMP techniques help create alignment and mobility within your pelvis which enables the baby’s cardinal movements to facilitate labour progress.

OMP workshop is part of my primary Doula package (photo gallery below).

In home and LIVE OMP group workshops for Parents and Birth Professionals info below!

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The Benefits of OMP

OMP exercises, stretches, massage and gentle rebozo can be done by couples in pregnancy to provide relief from daily aches and pains and maintain dynamic equilibrium (alignment for birth) in mums body.

OMP positions and movements help couples work together in labour to maximise space in mums body for the progression of labour and provide focus, bonding and comfort.

Techniques relax and balance the pelvic floor, lengthen diaphragmatic muscles, relax ligaments connecting the uterus, pelvis, sacrum and hip flexors, change the orientation of the pelvis and open areas of the pelvis which create space for the baby to move down for normal vaginal birth.

OMP helps reduce tricky fetal positions such as Breech and Posterior (baby’s spine on mums spine) extended labours, inductions or cesarean section where babies are in positions that make birth difficult for mums. The mothers body and the way she moves in pregnancy and in labour impacts the birth. When you understand OMP you are able to work with your body to create the space within your pelvis to enable your baby’s cardinal movements which facilitates labour progress.

What about Optimal Fetal Positioning (OFP)?

There continues to be much discussion about optimal fetal positioning, and rightfully so because it is often the key to obtaining healthy vaginal births. The subject of ‘which way the baby is facing’ and how it can impact labour, has been documented in medical literature over the centuries by Midwives and Doctors alike.

When Jean Sutton and Pauline Scott wrote the book “Optimal Fetal Positioning’ based on compiled research of the position babies are in when they start off in labour, they found that the IDEAL fetal position is ultimately dependant on the shape of the mothers pelvis. So how the baby goes into and comes out is dependant on the shape of the mothers pelvis and how she moves in labour.

Bringing OFP + OMP together

Optimal Maternal Positioning (OMP) is an equally important concept which has a direct impact on Optimal Fetal Positioning (OFP). Creating a smooth path for the baby to navigate through the pelvis during labour and birth depends on the ability for the baby to work through the cardinal movements during the processes of descent and dilation. Because of this perspective, the teamwork between the mother and her baby will give her the best chance of a swifter easier birth. You can physically create a wider space in the inlet and outlet pelvis using OMP.

OMP in your home with Danae

Learn Optimal Maternal Positioning with me in the comfort of your home – $450 for 3 hour session.  Includes FREE access to the Intro to OMP online follow up course with Ginny Phang  (the creator of OMP), valued at $49.

You will also receive my “Top Tips”  for birth preparation plan incorporating; OMP, breathing and sound practice, pelvic floor connection, affirmation practice, meditation and podcasts.

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OMP Group Courses

Learn the revolutionary method of Optimal Maternal Positioning. Create space within a mothers pelvis for a safer, easier and more comfortable birth. Courses for parents and birth professionals (CPE registered).

OMP for Parents with Danae

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 Workshop Dates for Parents  2024

May | Saturday 18th | 11am – 5.30pm | F45 Northbridge | Open for bookings

Sept | Saturday 14th | 11am – 5.30pm | F45 Northbridge | Open for Bookings

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Cost & Bookings OMP for Parents

Price $350 – includes workbook and FREE access to Intro to OMP online support course for parents. Bookings, course inquiry and availability contact Danae 

OMP for Birth Professionals with Ginny & Danae

OMP for Birth Professionals in person training with creator Ginny Phang LIVE from Singapore and facilitator | OMP educator Danae. Course runs over 3 days (1 day a week)  9am – 1pm in Northbridge 2063. Access to online course content and recorded viewing (great if you cant attend one week). CPE points 8.75 – Certificated as an OMP Ambassador.

Workshop Dates for Birth Professionals

In person Australian Tour 2024 currently in planning stages

Cost & Bookings OMP for Birth Professionals

Birth Professionals $424.50 – includes workbook and FREE 6 months online course access (great if you miss a session or need to revisit content).

Online Courses from Singapore