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Doula + Birth Support Prices

My role as your doula is to ensure you (and your partner) are prepared and understand all aspects of the birth process, so that you can confidently approach the unknown. Preparing for unexpected outcomes and ensuring informed consent, all make for a thorough approach that allows women to understand every choice they have made and never look back with regrets. 

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In Birth there can always be a sense of control! We can control our breath, mindset, the energy and intention we bring to the experience. That is how you make it beautiful.

Primary Doula Package

  • Two pre- natal visits (allow min 3 hours for each of these sessions)
  • Optimal Maternal Positioning (OMP) for Parents – Group Workshop (4 hour course)
  • Follow up ‘Intro to OMP for Parents’ online course with Four Trimesters Ginny Phang (the creator of OMP)
  • Access to Danae’s recourses Drive, which includes: birth documentaries, parent education birth classes, Spinning Babies content, acupressure guides ect
  • Unlimited access to Live online and recorded Pregnancy & Birth Prep Yoga Classes
  • Gentle restorative Post Natal Yoga class
  • Birth – from active labour in your home or hospital until you birth 
  • One post birth visit.  Time varies depending on the needs of the birth mum
  • Time spent on the phone helping us build a stronger relationship is included in this package. Please call me with questions, general updates after clinical visits and any concerns / feelings that come up
  • Evidence Based research for any indications that arise
Please contact me for details of each session – Value $3,495
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Gut Biome 

Way to Wellness

Coming Soon


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Complete Package Coming Soon

  • Primary Package as listed above
  • Gut Biome + Way to Wellness for mum and baby
Please contact me for details of each session 


If you have any questions about my doula and birth support packages, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.